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COVID Live Stats Tracker of All Countries and Indian States Along with Live News with Different Category with payment Integration and along with mobile number OTP Authentication
Updated 9 months ago

COVID TRACKER Mobile Application

Consists of Six Modules

-> Splash screen with animated GIF on it.

-> User Authentication with phone number OTP based system backend suppoert by firebase database.

-> Home

    > Can be called as home screen which provid the emergency Dail option along with the numbers of every states.
    > A general information about covid prevention and some protective measures to safe gaurd from covid 19 for the users.

-> News

    > News screen will display the live current updated news around the world with click option which let the user to view the whole article.
    > Categories option is there to select which type of perticular news the user wants to see like Health, Technology, science, sports, general, business, Entertainment.

-> Payment

    > I have integrated a payment gateway with the help of Razorpay liberary (with demo key).

-> Covid Tracker

    > Shows the live current stats of Confirm cases, Active Cases, Recovered, Deaths and Tested of india and has a option to select all countries and will dispaly the same.
    > An option is there to check the stats of every Indian states which displayes Total confirmed, ConfirmedCasesIndian, ConfirmedCasesForegin, Discharged, Deaths. 
    > Along with pie chart display.

-> Added some other modelus

    > Push notification Backed end with One signal.
    > Added ads (Banner , Reward and Interstitial ) of Google Admob.

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